Research Summary

My research falls into two overlapping areas: (i) industrial organization and competition economics (mostly applied to the health sector. i.e., hospitals, pharmaceuticals, etc. but not exclusively), and (ii) health outcomes and health policies. The latter also spill into issues of education, gender, and racial equity.

Some of my recent work in pharmaceuticals focuses on firm strategies and how they impact consumer welfare, firm profits, and growth. I have worked on the valuation/welfare effects of introducing generics and second-generation (`me-too') drugs in a product market, the impact of additional presentations on the growth of a business unit, and now more recently on entry deterring effects of presentation proliferation and of product hopping.  I have also worked on pay-for-delay deals in the European and American legal contexts and the cost of such (anticompetitive) deals. One of the _blank contributions of this work is the policy simulations that show which legislative changes are likely to make anti-competitive deals not possible and which might make the situation worse.

Concurrently, I am also working on policies to address the rise of antibacterial resistance via managing the demand for broad- vs narrow-spectrum antibiotics.  I also have current work on evaluating alcohol regulations such as a ban on non-linear pricing or establishing price floors to curb excessive alcohol consumption and its heterogenous impact.

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